Monday, May 25, 2009

Mood Swings


A beautiful, awesome, fun weekend.  I had 2 days of normal energy.  I've had pictures of kayaking up in my room all winter, dreaming of when I could take mine out again.  I finally got to go out this weekend kayaking at a lake and it was so much fun.  Karina took one out on her own and was completely competent and independent with it.  This is the first Memorial Day weekend I can remember in Oregon where the weather was perfect- sunny and not too hot.  And, I got to spend some time in the woods around a camp fire.  All in all, the perfect weekend.

Somehow my mood crashed today.  I may have over done the activities this weekend, and I didn't sleep well last night.  My appetite has been weird- I get hungry but can't think of anything that I'd like to eat.  So I don't eat, then I get cranky and starving and I just grab whatever I can find in the fridge.  I wonder if that's a side effect of radiation?  I'll have to remember to ask.  The hot flashes have been happening all throughout the day.   All in all I'd have to say menopause sucks so far.  I think it's steadily been getting better, but right now I'm tired and cranky and menopause sucks.  If I can just get a good night's sleep tonight I hope it will set the tone for a good work week.  

I'm trying to remember too that the doc said that as I get farther along with radiation, it builds up in my body and I can experience more fatigue toward the end.  Just like with chemo.  I remember too that she said while radiation is easier than chemo, it's still very hard on the body.  I keep reminding myself that it'll be over soon- in less than three weeks.  

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