Friday, January 30, 2009

Hot Springs at Last!


The girls and I finally made it to the hot springs. I've been wishing to go all winter and haven't been able to until today. It was a perfect day. The sky was blue, the weather was crisp, and there was snow!!! We finally got to make our snowman that I wasn't able to help with last month when it snowed. We made a cute little hula snow girl complete with a hula skirt. Karina fell partially through some ice into a little pond and got super cold, and I had to pull her out and up a small incline. The hot springs felt extra nice once we jumped in. It is so beautiful there- I love to lay on my back in the water and look up at the trees and the blue sky, and I love to rest my head on the edge and look at the river rushing by. The drive back was hard- I was very tired and I've been unable to drink coffee, so it was all I could do to stay awake. The night after my blood draw I was up till 3:30 in the morning, unable to sleep. It made Thursday at work hard, and I'm still not caught up on my sleep. I went in today for another shot and learned that I will need more this weekend, and another blood draw on Monday, and possibly another shot then. All to get ready for my next round of chemo on Wed. This will make a total of 9 days worth of shots- YIKES! Today the nurse had me put ice on the area first, and I didn't feel the shot at all. But still, nine shots is a bit much. My body is struggling a bit this week. I've had horrible heart burn and my stomach hurts. It feels like I swallowed acid. It hurts to swallow food. I am having a hard time not picturing the chemo eating my stomach away. My old stand by of peanut butter and jelly and milk and yogurt are what I've been mostly living off of. Although I have had periods of time when I can eat well, so I can't complain too much.

A friend gave me a pedicure last night, so I have pretty toe nails again! I remember getting one just before my last surgery, and it was nice when I was so miserable laying in bed to look at my toe nails and have at least one part of my body that looked and felt good. I'm glad the time is rushing by, but sometimes it goes by too fast. Part of me wishes for a longer break between chemos. I hate having just a few good days before I've got to do it all again. It can't last forever. It can't last forever. It can't last forever. It WON'T last forever.

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Heather B said...

I'm no medical professional so you'd have to check with someone who is if you're interested... but I thought I'd mention that I take this supplement called Vitamineral Green by Health Force Nutritionals. I often mix it with yogurt so I thought maybe it could be a way to get those healthy greens and minerals when all you can stomach is yogurt and PB & J's. Let me know if you want to try some-- I'm happy to share.