Thursday, February 26, 2009



I think I know why I'm happy right now. Funny that I've had this need to figure it out. I think I'm happy because I'm sick. First of all, being sick with a cold makes me feel so NORMAL. I simply have the same sickness that many people in Eugene have right now. And, when I started chemo, I was scared to death of getting sick. I thought that if I caught a cold while on chemo, it would end up turning into something awful and I'd end up in the hospital and the chemo would get delayed and this whole nightmare would go on forever. I'm HAPPY because I feel just like I always do when I'm sick- a little run down and tired. It has NOT turned in to a big hospital ordeal. Of course I'm taking extra efforts to take it easy so I'll get better. Overall, though, I'm starting to believe that I'm pretty healthy and strong. My finger tip pain is mostly gone, replaced by a weird rash on the back of my hands. Just a side effect I'm told. Not as bad as the poison oak I had a few years ago. So, even though this was supposed to be my good week and I ended up sick, I still FEEL GOOD!

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Geek Knitter said...

Oh, this one made me laugh! Isn't it interesting how our priorities can change?

Hope you get over your cold quickly.