Friday, February 6, 2009



Part of me wonders how in the world I will be able to do 4 more rounds of chemo. It totally sucks and I don't want to do any more. especially not 4. Another part of me is so happy that I've done FOUR and I made it and got through it and I'm half way there.

Today and yesterday I felt very, very tired and have had lots of naps. No real nausea, except for Wed when I came close to throwing up right afterwards. Trouble focusing today and trouble typing, must be the medicine I'm on. Don't like taking the drugs, but I sure do love not feeling sick to my stomach!

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Heather B said...

HALF WAY!!!!!! That is a major milestone. Krista Jo and I were thinking of you last night, talking about how BEAUTIFUL you look, and how strong and amazing and articulate you are. I agree with your wise friend who said you are better off processing sadness now so you won't have to un-stuff it later. So true. YOU'RE AMAZING!!!