Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Acupuncture Wonders


Just finished my second acupuncture/reiki appointment and I feel way better than I have been. I actually did a little leg work out on my weight bench. Yeah! A small one, but it's a start. I've given my arm a little extra exercise too because it has not been getting enough and hence hasn't been getting much better. Owe, it actually hurts my shoulder to type. May have to keep this short. The acupuncture is supposed to help the nausea and my blood cells and my immune system. I came home and was able to eat w/o gagging, so something must be working. I've been having this weird thing happen where I get a craving for something, like grilled cheese, so I make it. I eat a bit of it, then get a bite in my mouth that I have to spit out, then I have to throw the rest of it away without looking at it. It's a lot like morning sickness, but without the sweet little baby at the end of it all. I guess I get my health and well being at the end of it all.

Ok, this is hurting too much. More later.

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