Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Universe

There's a cool website that a friend told me about where you can sign up to receive a message from "The Universe" each day. Its I've been getting some really perfect ones. Here's two of my favorite:

I wish there were words to tell you, Krista, how beautiful life really is, how safe you always are, and of the love that constantly bathes you.

How powerful you are, how much you can have, and of the glories that await.

Of the perfection, the magic, and the infinite possibilities.

But you actually threatened me with bodily harm if I were to ever let you peek at where you were headed before you arrived.

You gangsta',
The Universe

You do realize, Krista, don't you, that there have been others - in lifetimes, millenniums, and civilizations past - who have been to some of the same "places" you've been to? Yet, they got so scared they lost control, turned away, or flat out quit.
Yep, and they surround you now in the unseen. Your greatest admirers.

The Universe

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