Tuesday, November 18, 2008




Just waiting. My stomach is a mess, good thing I can't eat today.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. There's some peace actually in waiting. There's something to be learned here. A whole day to be still and to not even worry about getting from point A to point B. The girls are in good hands. Last night there was some anger, but this morning was sweet. I left them each a note in their lunch boxes. The house will seem empty without them tonight.

I can feel the love and good thoughts in the atmosphere already. I am actually feeling deeply grateful for many, many things right now. I'm amazed at the way God works through people- friends and strangers alike.

I've decided to discard the word "deformed". My body is my body and I've worked hard the past few years to accept all of it, exactly as it is. I will do this again. Scars simply have stories to tell, and this scar will ultimately have a good story to tell.

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